Lucy Einbinder

Lucy Einbinder

I am thrilled to work with the growing team to help with flower production. We will be providing more beautiful flowers directly from the field to the community. I am passionate about fresh seasonal flowers and feel that they are an important part of the farm. I love spending my time outside digging in the dirt, tending to our seedlings, and working together with a team of growers on all farm-related duties. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than work hard with my hands each day. I enjoy the entire process of growing cut flowers from small seeds and tubers to harvesting, processing and finally offering vibrant bouquets to our community that fill homes and businesses. Observing the natural processes that occur through pollination, soil health, diversity, and providing animal habitat bring me a greater sense of well being and connection to the land and others.

I shop with the Apricot Centre because the quality of the produce surpasses what supermarkets can offer. It's grown or sourced locally and gives back to the economy in the area. It's important to me to spend wisely and ethically.

— Andy Williamson

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