Keren Kossow

Pack Barn
Keren Kossow

I moved down to Devon from Leeds in the middle of the pandemic without much of a plan and was delighted (and very relieved!) to find myself with a job as part of the Farm Team at The Apricot Centre within a few weeks. I have been packing all the veg boxes and keeping an eye on the pack barn for over a year and very much enjoy being part of the team. At first I thought it might be a short term job but I feel strongly about the importance of regenerative agriculture, educating people about where their food comes from and campaigning for the rights of those who grow that food. The Apricot Centre is an ideal place to be for that.

Recently I started as part of the Wellbeing Service Team also, supporting the delivery of a range of projects that the Wellbeing Service head up. Most of my time at present is spent working on the Adoption Support Service - a service that offers therapy to young people who are either in care or have been adopted - and the Communities of the Soil Project - a permaculture project working to create spaces to grow food and community within Stonehouse Plymouth. It is pretty unusual to find an organisation that covers so much important ground and I am grateful to be part of it.

I am also a Baker, a Theatre Producer and an activist. But there’s not time enough for everything.

I shop with the Apricot Centre because the quality of the produce surpasses what supermarkets can offer. It's grown or sourced locally and gives back to the economy in the area. It's important to me to spend wisely and ethically.

— Andy Williamson

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