Bob Mehew

Bob Mehew

I am a project delivery specialist and permaculture practitioner with 22 years of experience in consultancy services and project management. Between 1992-2007, I developed and delivered training courses in project management, business analysis, and software development processes. From 2011-2014, I worked at Essex County Council (ECC) as a project manager; I helped to deliver its Transformation Programme, saving £300 million to address a funding gap as a result of the recession and the Government’s austerity programme. This involved handling large complex programmes, managing challenging stakeholders, and proactively engaging in risk management.

Since 2009, I have explored the potential for alternative career opportunities that have more beneficial social impacts in sustainable contexts. An interest in permaculture progressed into studying for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture. I worked on designs for residential spaces, a farm and non-land based systems such as teaching and personal health management. I started to work with The Apricot Centre in 2012 as a trainer assisting in the delivery of the Permaculture Design Course, and in 2014 I became a Director at The Apricot Centre to add capacity to its management function. I bring expertise in project management and delivery, organisation skills, business analysis, customer development, and knowledge on the subject of sustainability.

I moved to Dartington in September 2015 and have since been developing Huxhams Cross Farm, project managing and implementing: Landworks (gates, farm tracks, fencing, services connections); buildings (large barn and training centre); poultry systems (150 chickens for eggs); agroforestry systems; veg bag scheme, growing and delivering fresh farm produce to 50 customers / week. In addition, I administer the business with expertise in business planning, budgeting, payroll, and client invoicing.

It's a pleasure to go to market to see the Apricot Centre stall brimming with seasonal produce and flowers. It feels good to know that purchasing my veg from them helps support local farmers, improves local economy and its biodiversity.

— Anne Phillips

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